Sunday, October 24, 2010

Data backup and Data Recovery

Why you need to backup your DATA on a daily basis. Backups are important in today's world as you know if your computer crashes due to a hard drive failure. You could be up for a expensive data recovery on your hard drive. The price of data recovery can cost up to $3000 and there is a probability of permanent data loss.

I have in the past lost data due to lack of data backup procedures. There are a couple of options of backing up your data and one is to burn a CD or DVD. It is best to burn a couple versions of your important documents and photos. The best practice is to have a couple of external hard drives and purchase a backup software solution. Once you set up the software you need to set up a schedule of backing up your data onto the external hard drive. Rotate your hard drives daily or weekly if you don't change your data significantly.

Once you have chosen a backup solution the chances of losing any valuable documents become very low, so in a event of computer failure you can recover your data from the backups you have created. The cost of recovery is also kept low as you will not need to spend data recovery solutions. If you like to enquire about any of our data recovery service

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